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VBA seeks sources, RFI, for Medical Disability Examinations

VA is continuously making efforts to improve the care and benefits and conditions for our nation’s Veterans. Among those is the continuous effort to improve VBA’s disability compensation process, including Medical Disability Examinations (MDE).

VBA has published a SOURCES SOUGHT/REQUEST FOR INFORMATION (RFI) for a potential MDE. The MDE contract is VBA’s mechanism in determining the extent of a Veteran’s disability and the disability rating that is warranted. Veterans know these as “compensation & pension exams,” or “C&P exams.”

In light of recent national events, and of those surrounding the current contract and a changing marketplace, VBA has extended its published RFI on

With the RFI, VBA is seeking industry guidance to help it gather feedback on how to improve the current MDE conditions and contract, and to ensure that the current conditions are in alignment with industry best practices. Through this RFI – and to ensure the broadest stakeholder input in the development of the national research strategy – VBA is seeking input from as many organizations as possible.

VBA hopes this effort will provide relevant research from across the nation, as well as the ability to measure progress on these efforts via improved care for Veterans.

Responses due soon

The RFI closes on June 14, 2020, at 10 AM ET. Responses from all interested companies are welcome – including both large or small organizations.