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The system Has been around since 2014 backed by the Attorney General.

VA weekly post of average time of claim is at 165 days with 33% approval rating, with VHV2020 we have 60 days on average.

Veterans who never filed or denied a claim with VA not because they didn’t have a service-connected disability or simply because they didn’t know how to do it right. VHV2020, we help veterans, Spouse and Children through our education program. We suggest fill out our  Veterans Intake Questionnaire and one of our consultant will get in touch with you to start getting the VA rating you deserve.

YES! Please fill out our Veterans Intake Questionnaire to give us more information about you. You will be assigned to a Veterans Specialist and will get back to you soon. You can also use our Contact page.

VA’s Personal VSO’s, Attorneys and even Agents are overwhelmed with the 20 Million Veterans and 15 Million not receiving benefits. However, at VHV2020 you are assigned with a consultant that will help you get the rating you deserve.