VHV2020 was founded by a few wives of disabled veterans because our husbands were too proud to seek out for the right help as majority of their lives were shaped to be independent and proud. When correctly utilized, The Veterans Administration has many benefits for your entire family that they deserve such as…FREE COUNSELING and MEDICATION while in specific cases FREE SURGERIES as well. All this helps with the extremely expensive cost of Health Insurance for the whole family. The VA has implemented a program to assist with college for us and our children which is a tremendous help. In some states not only do you get waived Parking and License Plates fees but also your property taxes as well. In these current times of living, we can all agree that saving financially every possible way is crucial for the success of our family and loved ones. That is where our foundation as VHV2020 is built upon, Veterans helping Veterans, Families helping Families.

The biggest benefit that the VA has and why every spouse needs to encourage their loved ones to go get what they deserve and earned if they were to be DECEASED only God knows when. A thought that no one wants to think about, but we all need to be prepared for. The VA has a program called Dependency and Indemnity Compensation (DIC) ensuring your family’s benefits for their service to the United States of America even after their lifetime. We served with numerous sleepless nights providing for families while wondering whether they were coming home or not. The side effects of PTSD and Sleep Apnea is not only felt by the service member, but the entire family as well. WE served and cared for the ones who served the United States of America. They have deserved what they have earned for serving the greatest country, but their spouses served alongside with them every step of the way whether they are fighting us on taking their medications or going to their Medical Appointments. We DESERVE the protection for life from helping them through life after the military.

VHV2020, Inc. is not an attorney or a pool of attorneys, law firm or law office. It is not an accredited or recognized VA claim agent nor is it an individual or entity that is allowed and accredited by the VA to represent any and all of its Affiliates. VHV2020, Inc. does NOT represent veterans before the VA or BVA in connection with any claim for VA disability benefits. Veterans are appraised that there are free resources available to aid them in the applications they have before Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) such as but not limited to the preparation, filing, presentation and processing of the VA disability claim. Veterans may search for and appoint an accredited VSO by clicking this link: https://www.va.gov/ogc/apps/accreditation/index.asp.